Thursday, November 19, 2015

Alberta Health Services Promotes Healthy Eating!

I took my friend, The Chef to an Alberta Health Services clinic as he has been injured at work and when he went in, I was waiting in the main hallway and noticed a vending machine that you see in many places. A machine which sells all sorts of Cancer causing and other types of diseases-causing(!) snacks. Real smart and real mature A. H. S. this really proves that you are nothing but a bunch of mindless, greedy, piece of amphibious shit, particularly the province's Health Minister whoever that pinhead is. This is a very good system: instead of promoting good and healthy food, this A. H. S. assholes feed people with all sorts of oil, salt and additives and when they get sick, they try to treat them. They don't get well because they have taken so much of these craps to A. H. S. requests more budget for their research and they probably get it. As well they keep their jobs and salaries high! What a disgusting people you A. H. S. top managers are. You have more disadvantage for this province than any other criminal who is active.
(Photo: A vending machine full of potato chips, candy bar and other sickening snacks is sitting in an A. H. C. clinic)

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