Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Finally A Real Calgary Winter

We finally got the taste of winter in Calgary today. It was not such a deep snow but it was closed and the roads where slippery. I probably spent 15 minutes or so to clean the car off of snow. All the windows and the windshield were covered with frozen snow. It was only -5 ÂșC but with windchill it felt much colder. I regardless went for jogging around 09:00 alongside Elbow River. There were not many joggers or walkers but the cold was perfectly bearable for Nov. I ran slowly for about 23 min. but I think it would not have been more than 20 min., had I not ran slowly. I usually run better in cold. Warm and sunny weather makes me tired fast. I was jogging a bit slower than usual due to the icy pathway. On the way back home the car slid and I hit the curb! I was lucky that no car was parked at that corner. I might have dented the front right rim. I didn't even bother checking! 

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