Friday, November 06, 2015

Liberal's Rediculious and Stupid Show

The Stupid Liberal Thoughtless Party of Canada started their ridiculous show right at the beginning by introducing a Sikh as Defense Minister!!!!! Appointing a Sikh, a person from a community that their ridiculous, selfish, gender bias culture is known around the world, obviously to the people who keep their eyes open, is a stupid gesture that this ridiculous Government has shown so far. 
I remember the time I used to live in Surrey, British Columbia a town a good population of it are Punjabi Sikhs and see their odd behaviour in a country which is supposed not to give any preference to anyone of any race, colour or background. If you're in Surrey and you're not Sikh and go to businesses that are ran by Sikhs, don't expect any service! They show their animosity very clearly and simply ignore you. Slogans such as Sikh is Unique is seen in the back of vehicles without any shame or regret! A good portion of gang is British Columbia is from Sikh community. They are in drug dealing and all sorts of illegal activities. Do not forget that the Air India bombing in the 80's that killed all those innocent people and eventually no one was charged! 
I'm not saying that other people with other background do not have similar issues. I'm simply saying that the Sikhs are probably the worst. 
One of the things that they say about this fella is he has had three tours of Afghanistan!!! So freaking what?! What does that make him now? If I go to a casino three times a week, does that make me a good gambler? If I go to a local gym and run three times a week, does that make me a good runner who could win New York Marathon?! It might help a little bit but it does not necessarily prove a thing! This guy was a soldier and then was promoted and asked to go to Afghanistan. As a soldier he had to follow the orders and he did. Everyone else would have done that. I would have done that. So what does that make him? A hero?!
We all know by looking back and referring to history that Sikhs has always been a good ass-kissers of the British and Canada still is under the Queen's rule although may not be the same way as 1800's. The British created all sorts of stupid sects and religions in Indian Sub-continent and western Asia to differentiate between people. weaken them and then rule them. Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims has been fighting and killing each others for years in that region. Indian Sub-continent has shredded to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, etc so people fight each other, not their common enemy. Who known how many reports of domestic violence is seen every months in Sikh community? Is this guy different? Of course not. I bet he rules at home as tough as he rules at his unit. The stupid Liberals just putting up a show saying Oh! look at us we are so diverse! They practically are trying to save votes for themselves from some specific foreigners! We love the people who beat their wives and know themselves as unique and better than anyone so we selected three of the community! I really hope this piece of dung and his stupid cabinet screws big time and gets humiliated.
(Photo: No you're not mistaken! This is not Amritsar! This photo is taken in capital of Canada, Ottawa and this is the new Defense Minster! I wonder what is that he's going to defend? Sikh culture? Just looking at his face freaks me out)

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