Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nasty-Mart (Wal-Disgusting-Mart)

With me being tossed out of worked, our life style has been changed in the past month. Now I don't go buying stuff and when it comes to buy something, essential needs, we'll go to Superstore or Nasty-Mart more often compare to other supermarkets such as Safeway and Co-op
There's no doubt that a company such as Nasty-Mart has had a huge negative impact in North America's market. Thousands of people who could have been small business owners, are out of job simply because dirty Nasty-Mart purchases the same item that they make or produce much cheaper. For example in a little town which could have as many as 10 little stores, now there's a Nasty-Mart providing every crap from disgusting cancer-causing potato chips to other sicking stuff such as canned vegetables and processed meat. These stores are normally managed by a guy who basically knows primary school stuff and English. The staff consists of table-cloth worn African or Arab refugees, stinking cheap East Indians and some silly Caucasian guys who either have nobody to recommend them for better paid jobs, are very dumb or have done something wrong that better-paid jobs for some reason, won't hire them. A regular employee of Nasty-Mart normally earns up to maybe $12 an hour. Of course night shift or more experienced guys make a little bit more. 
We were in a local Nasty-Mart yesterday and the surprise was although it was weekend the place was not so crowded that we finished everything in probably less than 20 min. Basically the only stuff we buy there, most of the time is fruits and vegetables. When I was waiting for the lady to come out because she was waiting for the dumb cashier to find the code for some vegetables I realized this sign beside customer service section which was referring to the available positions. 
This type of job is actually not bad for a disgusting, ugly, stupid Filipino who otherwise had to work as a prostitute so when she sees 10% discount on merchandise and Be the Spark won't think twice before joining! The fact is the majority of this disgusting animals do nothing. They pretend they're busy but they hang out at a corner and talk their annoying language and if you asked them a question they either pretend they are dumber than they look so you regret asking the question or give you a meaningless answer! 
I looked at a few of the stupid positions that Nasty-Mart has posted with the hope I would never have to take any of them:

1) Cashier. This one is fine and there are many nice, polite and courteous cashiers in the store which is a surprise to me. At the same time there are a few lazy disgusting human-like animals as well. 

2) Store Standards. I wondered what this position might be but luckily I didn't have to ask anyone because I would have probably not received a meaningful answer! The answer was in a parenthesis in front of the position: Cart-Pusher!! This poor guy has to walk all they around the store, mainly parking lot to collect the cart that silly, lazy, stupid, human-like animals leave wherever they feel, after they are done shopping and they call that Store Standards!! What a fucking piece of shit these top managers and executives of Nasty-Mart are! 

3) Overnight stockers. This perhaps is the best job in Nasty-Mart. You work at night which is quiet and don't have to deal with customers. Your wage a little bit higher, I guess, because you have you work nights, maybe not and that's about it.

4) Overnight Lead Maintenance. This one sounds very promising but of you look at the next job, you probably feel cheated and disappointed! 

5) Day Maintenance. By looking at this position the first thing comes to mind is a technician or journeyman who makes some $20 an hour or so but stop day dreaming! The real job is written in parentheses: Janitor!!!! What a piece of shit considers janitor as a maintenance guy!? Being a maintenance guy requires experience and expertise while being a janitor needs nothing. How disgusting you can be to to mislead people with this stupid wording you select for your disgusting jobs you offer?!
(Photo: A sign in customer service of disgusting local Nasty-Mart advertises a few top salary positions of all time by using the work SPARK!)

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