Sunday, November 08, 2015

Cargill's Nightmare

I worked for Cargill Meat Solutions for a little over 4 years and a half. That was my first job in Canada and the pay was not bad particularly because there was lots of overtime available at the time. I don't think it's as good. I remember because of the high market demand we worked 6 days a week for over 2 years and a half and other than that most of the time if I wanted to stay for over time it was possible. I should also add that I got seriously injured a few times due to the hardness of the jobs. I was treated by physicians and physiotherapist and eventually was fine. 
My relationship with the supervisors and superintendents was not so good though. While I joked with many and laughed, they really didn't like many, the majority of them. They suspended many a few times and I remember one time I was suspended indefinitely! The union helped me a lot and although there were bastards who disliked me as well, they kept me on the job until I resigned myself. That was more than 9 years ago! I guess if someone is really looking to see who I am he can contact them to see who quit his or her job 9 years ago. They would have a list and then they can narrow that down! 
Anyways with that in mind I just wanted to say that I had a kind of nightmare about Cargill the night before. I was there and I guess I was working as a cleaner and the entire time, the entire night it was in my dream! I don't recall much detail because if I don't right down the dream right after I wake up, most of it gets faded in my memory but that was it!
I hope it doesn't get to the point that I have to work for them again. It's not the physical pain that I'm worried about. It's just this sense of going backward, frustration and humiliation that keeps me back. Not to mention that they would probably never hire me again because I'm sure the majority of the supervisors and superintendents are still there and they can easily remember how much trouble I used to give there when I was there. Something that I'm not proud of.

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