Thursday, November 26, 2015

IMRI is No Better Than ISIS

These recent terrorist attacks in France and Africa by ISIS affiliated groups and all the commotion in the world, from downing the Russian Su-24 by Turkey to low price of crude which has affected many economies, has distracted the world's attention from the barbarism of Islamic Murderers Republic of Iran (IMRI). In fact what the governments of the IMRI have done in the past 30 years or so is no better than what Taliban, Al-Qaeda and ISIS have been doing but why is that Iran's government has been punished to the same extent at the other extremist group have, so far? Maybe they have but the pressure is of course felt by the people not the government. The aim might be to pressure the people in the manner to make them rise against the government. Something like that happen a few years ago but because it was not well-organized and there was no leadership, led to nothing.
Here is a list of great things that the Murderers of Islamic Republic has done in the past three decades:

1- Murdering all of their opposition leaders all around Europe. The first 2 decades of existence of IMRI was very busy with sending terrorist groups to Germany, France, the US and other corners of the world to eliminate the opposition leaders such as former prime ministers, leaders of minority groups, activists and such.

2- Sending terrorists to nearby countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Libya and others to establish terrorism cells which are still active today.

3- Killing of of Jews in Argentina

4- Lengthening Iran-Iraq War beyond Khoram-Shahr liberation which led to millions of dollars more damages and hundreds of thousands more causalities from the both sides. 

5- Oppressing minority groups in the country such as Jews, Sunnis, Armenians, Arabs and others and depriving them of their basic rights which has resulted of many of them leaving the country after generations of living peacefully with others. 

I pity the ones who think that changing a president could change the system. Everything is ruled by the Supreme Leader in the country and the rest are only puppets of him. The country will never see signs of progress, happiness, freedom and good life as long as Islamic Murderers Republic rules. 
(Photo: A cartoon compares the murderers of ISIS who behead their opposition and the murderers of Islamic Republic who hang whoever stands for his or her rights)

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