Friday, November 20, 2015

How Does Alberta Health Services Spend?

I took my buddy, The Chef to an Alberta Health Services clinic as he has been injured recently at work, as I mentioned earlier and while he was being treated inside and I was waiting I thought I should charge my telephone's battery. Sockets are usually available in public places such as cafes these days but when look around I realized the the outlets are covered with a sort of plastic cover and locked! A telephone is available in the hallway of the clinic but in case you need to respond to a family member's call and you're out of battery you can not charge it! 
An adjacent cafe, I guess a Good Earth probably provides an alternative to this but I had to wait out until The Chef would come out. With thousands of dollars every month a big clinic such as that spends on utility bills, I don't think it hurts much to let people use the electricity a little. On the second thought why don't you provide charging stations and bill the customers for their usage per Watt? You made the service of A. H. S. free and now you're facing problems. Charge them for the electricity they're using so you gain some back! On the other hand the whole coverage and locking could be for some protection or something else. I didn't ask and I don't think there had been anyone available to respond, had I asked.
(Photo: An electricity outlet in an A. H. S. clinic is covered and locked. That cable is going to a vending machine standing nearby)

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