Saturday, November 21, 2015

Why Paris?!

In the past few days after Islamic Terrorist Attacks to Paris I was thinking to myself, asking this question that why Paris out of these many cities in the world? I know other European countries have let Muslims in as well. Germany has about 5 million Turks but they are not extremists. We never heard of any Turk being a terrorist or fundamentalist. They have Muslims of other nations as well but never heard of any act of terrorism in Germany against Germans although the Islamic Murderers Republic of Iran assassinated many of their opposition leaders in Germany back in 80's and 90's which a completely different story and does not concern Westerners!
The US has plenty East Indians: Hindus, Pakistanis, Punjabi, etc. They are all fine but Pakistanis but maybe MI5 or other similar British services have a close eye on them although I have heard of Muslims whom have gained the control of their neighbourhood and want to enforce Islamic law in the country!
Scandinavian countries have Muslims of different background and I don't know how bad their status is. In Denmark I know a population of Kurdish people live. When I was in Copenhagen two young Kurdish boy helped me when I was lost. My childhood friend, Sol, lives in Sweden but I have never had a chance to have a talk with him. I should contact to see what he says in this regard. A few years ago there was a terrorist attack in Norway but that was taken place by a Norwegian guy whom presumably had gone mad! Belgium and Holland are no good. They both have fucked up, crazy, maniacs from African Muslim countries who almost could do anything you can imagine.
France has the same problem as the last two countries I have mentioned here. France in fact has the biggest Muslim population in all European countries and they are from these nasty shitlands. France's role in Iran-Iraq War is never forgotten. France was one of the biggest of not the biggest suppliers of weapons, ammunition and such to Iraq during the eight-year devastating war. Delivery of Super Etendard plane assumed to be a major breakthrough for Iraqi Air Force although they were loaned at the time. With no intention to derail from the main subject France has been the asylum for a large population of Muslims from former French colonies such as Algeria and a few others. They all live in a Ghetto neighbourhood of Paris, well not all and left isolated. While I have no sympathy for these Barbarian brutal murders, I put the blame partially on French people as well. They screwed these people for years and years and when the era was over, they let them in! Of course those people never forgot what France had done to their ancestors and when they were let in the country, they were kept aside and many of them were never given a chance that a French person would be given. The frustration and anger built up for years. These are people with strange culture and restrict religious beliefs such as Niqab, prohibition of out-of-marriage sex, domination of male in the family which are all in contradiction with French culture. They would never be changed and then the revenge is planned. Attacks on civilians and innocent people whom are enjoying a meal in a restaurant or a beverage in a cafe. I hope it won't get worse but it's far from over because there are millions in Europe who have the same ideas and beliefs of these killers of Paris who slaughtered  innocent civilians.
(Photo: German troops entered Paris in June-14-1940, Adolf Hitler ordered not to damage Paris. He, I guess admire its beauty and did a little tour of the city and took a shot in front of Eiffel Tower. I chose this photo to indicate that Germans captured the city but did nothing to the civilians and the city itself, of course regardless the continuous conflict they had with resistance group. These ISIS people have been living there or near and use every opportunity to harm people and ruin the city)

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