Monday, November 02, 2015

TSD and Others

I did the TSD (Trait Self Descriptive) questionnaire of CAF today. It was an easy but interesting computer based type of test. I'm trying to reactivate my CAF application and that was the second step. A lady from the recruiting staff talked to me after that and indicated that my references were not good. At first I thought she meant that the references had not provided good feedback but then I learnt that they were not considered good references by CAF standards. They normally shall be from past instructors, supervisors, mentors, pastors and such people. I have to change them then.
Then she mentioned that I would have to write an exam which to her it was hard and I would receive more forms to fill out.
CAF and jobs such as that normally have a long process. All I have to do now is to wait while I'm applying for other positions. I think she said something such as I would have to write the examination for the job I have applied in March but I could be wrong because here I found what she was saying a bit different from the way people normally pronounce as March. There were another form to fill out and that was for drugs. There was a long list two-sided and I realized a few of the applicants were struggling with that. We were on this day a total of maybe 8 at the most. One of them couldn't help it and showed his dislike for me. I was talking to another one telling him that instead of paying for the expensive parking in Downtown, he could have parked outside the city center area, parked for free and taken the train. The guy just jumped in and said that he would have spent $8 to find the free spot! I ignored his offensive tone and said that he would have been able to find a free spot in a very short time. I also learnt through one of the guys that Basic Training is held for 32 weeks which equals to almost 8 months. I guess that's good to have 8 months of paid training but it's pending my acceptance to the forces! 
(Photo: CAF logo has symbols representing the army, the navy and the air force)

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