Saturday, November 07, 2015

Another Blow to Alberta's Devastated Economy

The relationship between the US and Canada was not the best years ago back to 2002 and 2003 when The Liberals were in power and led by Jean Chretien. Canada did not participate in Iraq's the US led collision attack. For that the US-Canada relationship was cold. Other factors were involved as well. When the Conservatives led by Harper came to the office, Canada become the best friend of the US all of a sudden, better than ever I would say. Israeli officials would often visit Ottawa, Iran's embassy was shut down, all sorts of things that the US would appreciate was done by Canada. Nevertheless the big problem of transportation of Alberta's crude to south, Gulf of Mexico, through Keystone has never been resolved despite the good relationship between the two countries. Obama believes that what is being said about creating jobs in the US and other aspects are not entirely true and the project does not have those many benefits that are said. Hilary Clinton a candidate for the 2016 presidency of the US has announced this a few months ago that if she was elected, she would not support that project either. 
So Albertans, including myself, sorry for all of you! Low oil price has already done lots of damage to the economy and lots of revenue is gone. This decision made yesterday would, with no doubt, has affects on the economy of the province and the country as well. I guess I have to go back to those $12-$13 an hour jobs that I did them for years! 
(Photo: A pile of pipes which is supposed to use to complete the Keystone Pipeline to take Alberta's Oil Sand crude to Gulf of Mexico's refineries are sitting idle somewhere in North Dakota)

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