Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Shameless People

Look at these disgusting pigs!! Apparently they are so happy that now their $150,000+ salaries are guarantied and they don't care about anything else! In the country that people lose their jobs on daily basis they shall be happy because they are settled at least for a few next years. All the expenses covered and regular deposits every two weeks. Shameless people!
And shame on those idiots who were talking about change! Lets see how this change, if ever occurred, would affect them! Handing the country to a guy just because his father was once a Prime Minister a few decades ago makes sense! Just the same way that importing more than 25,000 Syrian will make sense soon! 
I know some sensitive drunkard, weed smokers might like my criticism but hey that's me. if you don't fucking like it, you don't have to read it. Go to your local bar and drink yourself to death! 
(Photo; This is selected from today's ceremony in Ottawa when the new Government sworn in. I don't know who these guys are, I don't want to know and I don't care. I just despise them. I dislike them for the fact that they seem so careless and all they hug is the glory they feel they are part of. I hope they fail in a way they can not ever stand on their feet again)

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