Thursday, June 29, 2006

Security Certificate

People study hard, pay hundreds even thousands of dollars and spend days and months behind desks and tables to get a certificate. They hope the certificate help them to get a job or get promoted. I myself tried to get CQE (Certified Quality Engineer) of ASQ, 4 times but haven't got it yet! I had to reschedule the exam. two times and failed it in the two other times I wrote it! I needed 550 and got 460 and 490. I'm saying this here because I have to register, write and pass the exam., eventually!
But there's a certificate presented here in Canada that you don't have to spend money on it or burn midnight oil. That is called Security Certificate and is really pleasing and interesting to me! But I'm not receiving it! Here's how it works: Security Certificate is used to detain suspected terrorists indefinitely without any charge. The complete term is National Security Certificate or NSC. At least six Arabs are being held under the said certificate in Canada since Sep.01 and some shortly before that. Protesters have held rallies across Canada indicating that the behaviour is against human rights and Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. I really don't know and don't care who the hell were the people but I know for sure that they don't know their asses from their elbows. My guess is obviously a few friends and family members of the detainees plus a few Canadians who have been always a looser and were ignored and of course reporters and photographers are among the people who hold such stupid rallies. Look at this one:

CBC News Dec.10.04: In the House of Commons on Friday, the Bloc Québécois called security certificates harmful, unfair and unjust.

What did I say? Bloc has no power in Canada. All they have done so far is gaining kind of autonomy for Quebec which has never done anything good to them. They have a few seats in House of Commons. So they have to oppose something just to prove that they exist!!
Everybody who got brain inside his or her skull knows how dangerous these Arab predators are. That certificate is not only a need but a necessity. There's no other way to treat those criminals.

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