Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dental care

I’ve spent thousands of dollars (Yes! Thousands!) for my dental care here so far. Fortunately part of that has been paid by my insurance company but that’s only a small portion. Today I had an appointment for a few crowns of my tooth. When I was there last time to have my check up, the hygienist lady told me that the crowns would cost me so much that might make me broke. Then she talked to the doctor and notified me that it would be free! Unbelievable! The doctor and his assistant, a very pretty blonde, blue-eyed tall, slim (Don’t get excited!) Canadian girl worked on my tooth for almost 2 hours and finally they charged me only $17.00! Considering a labourer earns almost $12 an hour, that small amount of money is nothing. I’ve been booked for the next weekend to be inserted by splints. That’s gonna cost me bucks.

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