Thursday, August 10, 2006

Never-ending War

A large terror plot was just thwarted in London Airport yesterday and few people are in custody now. The Scotland Yard is still looking for more suspects. The terror links to the filthiest creatures the world has ever seen (after Arabs of course) Pakistanis! I'm not telling you what has happened so far 'cause you might have known already or can easily find it in the news. But there're few things that I'd like to mention and there're questions as well:
  1. One of the experts on CBC said that because Hezbollah has gotten the world's attention lately by challenging Israel, that would've made Al-Qaeda to plan a large attack on Westerners to gain its leadership in Islamic extremism. I think that's true. Those morons are both crazy. That's part of Shia-Sunni conflict we see in Iraq these days.
  2. But that could be just another show by Westerners to say how intelligent they are and how they care about their people while also just could be another way to disgrace Muslims and Arabs in particular, esp. as we're closing to Sep.11.01 anniversary, with that stupid new movie of Stone, World Trade Centre which I've already talked about that.
  3. Why the hell do they take all the liquids from even Caucasian people!!?? It's a new rule in all the UK, the US and Canada's airports that no liquid is allowed on board! They have already proved how stupid they are. There's no more evidence needed for that! These morons are taking bottles of Juice, milk and water even from kids and Moms??!!
(Photo: Crowd, line up and confusion. This is what you would see yesterday in London's Heathrow, one of the busiest airports in the world, if you were not lucky and were there!)

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