Sunday, August 06, 2006

Rob Zombie

I was acting as a couch potato last night and encountered a kind of entertainment news or report on CityTV. The girl was the host of a guy with long hair, beard and headband, obviously a member of a Rock or Metal band. I shortly after noticed he’s Rob Zombie. I've had heard about him earlier but never got to know him really well. He was answering the questions regarding his recent tour while shots of his and his buddy’s performance was being seen: You know acting like crazy guys, shouting, jumping up and down. But I like it sometimes. It’s exciting. That’s how you get relived. The funny thing here is he was talking about how he picks his band’s member and he said he was looking for a normal(!) person and that was extremely hard for him to find such a scarce! That’s interesting while many people might think that he’s not normal. I've never been a big fan of Metal but that doesn't mean that I don’t like it. He’s also a director. He only works in musical and horror genre. Check out his website and also his page on YAHOO Music if you like.
(Photo: Rob Zombie doesn't look very abnormal here! Does he? What do you expect of a Metal singer? Suit and tie? If you think he's not normal then none of us are in a way!)

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