Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Truth is Immutable

Oliver Stone has recently made a movie called World Trade Centre that we see its teaser and trailers on TV these days. Seems he’s goin’ deeper and deeper every year! The director who made JFK and Platoon, two of my all time favorites, especially the first one which says who really runs the US, have already ruined his reputation by the movie Alexander! (Imagine a movie which someone like Angelina Jolie preforms in it. That could be the ultimate stupidity and extreme boredom!)
This time he proves that his era is over and there’s no credit for the director who tried to help the world to understand the truth. World Trade Centre which will be in theatres in Aug.09 would be an untrue story based on false statements. No matter how good it’s directed and how beautiful the stars show it to us.
Everyone who has a little brain in his or her skull and able to think, understands that all what happened to New York, Washington and the other cities of the US, had been done by the people who rule that country behind the closed doors. Michael More has described part of the story in his documentary called Fahrenheit 9/11. Enemy of the State is another good movie which leads you to appreciate how restricted the US security system is. So whoever believes all the bullshit has been said so far about terrorist attacks and so on, is not only a fool, but also is a retarded moron.
A friend of mine who lives in Toronto sent me a video clip a few months. That was an investigation of a few Americans about what happened in the morning of Sep.11.01 in part of the US and aftermath. That was a long clip from Google Video, more than an hour. Today I tried to open the link and watch is again but a message appeared on the screen indicating that there’s no such a video available anymore! That was actually a good proof but it’s gone. Here’s the link:


But as D. H. said once, the truth is always there, no matter whether we believe in it, argue over it or deny it.
I, myself, hate Arabs and terrorists and am an atheist but never support such an absurd movie and ban it in advance. Why they did that? This is the question asked at the end of the clip. But I have no answer to that because that just made more trouble for the US and its allies and made the world a more unpleasant place to live! No matter where you are.
(Photo: This genius cartoon shows how the stupid behaviour of Americans in the world literally make the opportunity for bastard predators like Al-Sadr in Iraq to get recognized and known as someone who deserves to be listened to. Although I always appreciate Americans for war on Iraq)

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