Monday, August 28, 2006

When The Things Get Tough, The Tough Gets Goin’

I started a new job today. It’s a position as kind of maintenance coordinator and basically what I do is I work with maintenance guys on a daily basis to order the parts they need. There’s an Indian lady holding this position now and she’ll be going for her maternity leave soon and I’ll replace her for a period of one year. It’s a salary based job and I work on my on pace and don’t have to clock in and out which is very good. Besides it’s in the city and close to the Downtown, Talisman, Safeway, McDonald’s, etc. The pay is not so good but the benefits are noticeable and I have lots of free time to study, work out and do whatever I want. It’s good for the period of time I mentioned. But I’m goin’ to be focused on APEGGA and the Navy. I went through the information I was given by an officer in the recruiting office. Joining Navy would be a challenging and tough job. I don’t think I’ll be able to marry someone if I join the Navy. But what’s the difference? I’m single anyway! Why would I give up such a good opportunity just for someone who doesn’t really appreciate? I mean the girls from where I was born, all they care about is money and doesn’t matter who they’re really spend they life with! It’s clear crystal to me that they don’t like living in a small town on Pacific or Atlantic Ocean. Most women don’t! The sailor is usu. away from his or her family for months and even when he’s not touring, he’d be in the office, performing assigned duties. (I, at first, thought that it’s sort of rotation job. When you’re on the ship, you’re working and when you’re on shore, you’ll be off but that’s not it!) There are medical and physical tests and interviews that must be attended and passed but I’m gonna get myself ready for all. I’ve already started in a way actually.


Mimi said...

get your self a fake leg and a parrot, dont forget the eye patch, you might be looking really tough on that Mr. Buttefly!... Honestly, I think you are going crazy, you have been following these pipe dreams and you can not get beyond your ill judgment about people of any race. get yourself a nice persian girl before it is too late...(even she likes your for the sake of the money that you dont have much)

The Tough Guy said...

1-I like the joke you made about the navy but I also understand that you feel jealous because that’s not what you or everyone is able to do. Laziness and uselessness is part of Iranian culture and it’ll be there forever. That’s why I left there and will never go back.
2 -Are you jealous that I spent most of my good time with non-Persian girls? To be honest with you I find non-Persians more beautiful, friendlier, more loyal, kinder and smarter than Persians. Can you prove me wrong?!
3-Pakistanis and Arabs are the creatures (I don’t consider them human) in the entire universe that I hate the most and I just repeat that to show you this huge, endless, permanent hatred.
4- Why do you hide yourself behind that Keyhan Corporation in California?! I know you live here in Canada?
5- Are you volunteer for what you just recommend me to do?!