Friday, August 18, 2006


I’m studying for NPP exam. of APEGGA and there are too many interesting things to learn. Regardless of the fact that I’m not satisfied with my pace of studying, and that’s why I’d like to re-schedule the exam, I find the whole course very interesting and difficult at the same time. NPP or National Professional Practice Exam. is basically talks about Canadian law concepts such as tort, duress, misrepresentation, proof, consideration and all kind of knowledge that a professional should be aware of to be able to practice. One of the interesting concepts is mistake. According to the Canadian law if a mistake is conducted in a contract by one of the parties and the mistake is learnt by the party whom the document containing mistake has been sent to, continuing to the contract is considered fraudulent and a charge might be taken against him or her. But if the offeree doesn’t know anything about the mistake, he or she won’t be charged. Simply put a just and reasonable person won’t insist upon profiting by another’s mistake.
But why do I bring up this story here? I’m taking you back to a few months ago when Muslims, the very civilized, polite, decent, kind-heart, peaceful, educated, understanding people ran demonstrations, threw stones, climbed up the walls of the embassies, burnt the flags and did many other stupid things just because of a few cartoons of Muhammad. Those people knew that the Danish cartoonist, the newspaper editor or whoever was responsible for that made a mistake and he was not aware of what he had done, but behaved abnormally and proved that they are insane.
(Photo: One of the cartoons of Muhammad what was published by the Danish newspaper in late '05. I really don't know what the artist want to say. Is he saying that the women are protected in Islam blind-folded while they are deprived of their basic rights?)

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