Saturday, August 26, 2006

I'm A Butterfly!

Today I was entitled with the second nickname of mine since I came to Canada! This is also the second title I received this week, after Canadian Citizen which I explained the whole story of it in previous post. And guess what it is? Butterfly! I really like that and I think that fits me very well. That’s what exclusively expresses my personality in a way. Here’s how it was given to me: I was talking to a very pretty Filipino girl who’s been recently hired (She’s married!) and then left her after a few min. and went to Magi, a Canadian girl whom have been known for years just to have a short chat and say kind of goodbye to her. Then when I went back to the Filipino gal again, whom has been entitled Tiger Woman by me, because of the sexy stretch tiger texture pants she wears sometimes, and she said: “You’re a butterfly!” I, first, didn’t notice what she meant. Like a dumb ass! Then realized what it is about after she gave me a little explanation! That's true. I jump from this girl to that girl without really tasting the goodness of each! And that’s not something new. I’ve been like this since the first years of the school, when I really started liking different girls in Polytechnic. I saw many girls but not even one last long. Same stupid story here in Canada as well. God knows how many nice, pretty, lovely girls were available and willing. But I always acted like an idiot. Last Fri. I was gonna talk to Kaajal, the girl I liked right after she started her job in the company, I talked to her several times and asked her out 2 times (But we never really went!) but she was on leave. I guess that’s too late. She must have a bf now. She’s one of the most beautiful, nicest, loveliest and kindest girls I’ve ever seen. But damn me! I did nothing! Zip! I even found a nickname for her: Jewel of Cargill. But never had the chance to tell her that. Yes. I’m a butterfly and that’s why I’m still single!
(Photo: It's simply me! I'm as nice as a butterfly and always go to beautiful tiny flowers!)

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