Thursday, August 24, 2006

Oath of Citizenship Ceremony

I attended my Oath ceremony today in the morning, something that I was waiting for since my first year of immigration. Well may be not that early but I was looking forward to the date I affirm as a Canadian citizen. I was supposed to be there at 08:30 AM and I left at about 07:50, I guess and God! … that was almost rush hour. And as I haven’t had my breakfast, I stopped at a McDonald’s to grab something to eat. There were only two people before me but God damn! there was an old Oriental woman taking orders and she was so slow like a turtle! I looked at my wrist watch: Almost 08:00 AM! So I immediately left and drove to 5th A St. and 19th Ave. SW while my destination Harry Hays building is located at 1st St. and 4th Ave. SE! So I started walking very fast toward the building and when I was there it was almost 08:29! I saw a line. We stayed in the line and after the documents were checked, we were let in a hall and remained sited until a judge, a very pretty, blond, tall, young lady came in. She was not actually the judge that we had to make our Oath in front of her. She was kind of assistant to the judge. She explained how the ceremony will be held. And then the judge came in, accompanied by an RCMP officer and we all rose. As soon as I looked at her I said: Oh my God! That’s the old lady I saw on the wheelchair when I was in the line! She was a very old lady, probably in her late 60's or early 70's, was walking with difficulty but had very clear and strong voice. As always you see stupid, animal, motherfucker, pieces of craps everywhere and that place was not clear from those moron, pieces of shit, there were a young boy and girl in front row who were kissing and caressing each other. I hardly controlled myself to do nothing toward those motherfucker, animal, stinky pieces of crap who were mistaken the court with her fucking bedroom! I just wanted to smash the fucking boy's head. That would have been so pleasing but I couldn't!
Anyway the old judge rose and we did so all and she asked us to repeat the oath of citizenship in French first! That was sort of stupid and ridiculous because I don’t know French and I’m sure most of the people didn’t know! But she asked us to repeat after her like parrots! Then she read that in English and I and everybody else repeated after her while we had our right hands raised. That was not so bad.
The assistant lady judge named every one individually or with his or her family, then and handed us our certificate of citizenship. I was a little excited at that moment. I went toward the old lady judge, who were sitting, grabbed my paper, shook hand with her and then with the officer, this one firmly, and went back to my seat. We then all rose and sang the national anthem, O’ Canada! I was a little ashamed at that time ‘cause I didn’t know the whole lyrics! But the stupid thing about the anthem is it’s partially French! So what if someone doesn’t know that language!?
That was almost it and we left all after that. Many people had cameras and video cameras with them but I didn’t have anything on me. Most of them were there with families or friends and when they were shaking hands with the judge or the RCMP officer, a picture was taken. But I didn’t have anybody to accompany me, so I don’t have any photos of that memorable moment. I regret that now. But honestly I believe in my citizenship oath and I do what I affirmed to do. The following is part of it and this is the most important part to me and this is something that I’ve been stuck to, from may be 2 years after I came to Canada and got myself together:
… I will faithfully observe the laws of Canada and fulfill my duties as a Canadian citizen.
(Photo: Unfortunately I didn't have anybody with me to take a photo of the beautiful ceremony so I rather to use this photo of two aboriginal RCMP officers among another people which I took in Stampede last summer)

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