Sunday, August 27, 2006

Stupid Tamil Tigers

As I said it before Canada is the biggest rubbish deposit in the world. Everyone who gets kicked from his homeland, flees to this part of the world. The reason could be anything: from manslaughter, fraud and war crime to anything else that you are able to imagine. Amongst the people you might face here are Tamils, a minority inhibitors of Sri Lanka. Tamil Tigers have been fighting for independence of the north part of the island for years. It’s said that Pakistan supplies them. I’m not surprised. You can expect everything form Pakistanis. If there’s one creature in the entire universe that I hate the most, that’s a Pakistani, first and then an Arab. Look what they did to Afghanistan, Iran, Canada and the whole world, actually by establishment of Taliban. And if you knew how Pakistan came to existence, you'd be amazed! I might write about that shit later.
Anyway a few Tamils here in Canada or specifically in Toronto, where is called the most multicultural or cosmopolitan city, tried to aid their compatriots. One of them contacted a company in B. C. for buying night vision goggles! When he was asked why he needed them for he replied that he wanted them for a school project! The stupid Tamil guy thought those guys are so desperate for his fucking money or he was talking to grade 2 kids. The company men were suspicious and reported on him. An aid network of Tamil Tigers in North America was blasted out immediately after that. A few guys were arrested and funds were seized.
(Photo: A trainer hoists their flag in a Tamil Tigers' civilian training camp in Sri Lanka)

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Persephone said...

LOL... what a moron!!!