Saturday, August 05, 2006

You Get Screwed Here Anyway

The capitalism system of Western countries has been established in a way that the money you earn here, no matter how, would not stay in your pocket for a long time. It gets disappeared in a blink of an eye.
Companies keep calling you, offering different types of services and steal your money legally. I was doing my grocery shopping yesterday while a lady from MBNA with a strange accent (prob. French or may be Eastern European) called me and started describing a kind of travel insurance plan! I stopped her and said that I did not need a service like that but that was not easy to convince her.
Then today I talked to a Telus Mobility agent and complained about the amount they charged me and finally decided to cancel my contract. The guy tried to make my mind changed and described different plans with lower monthly charges but they sound cheating to me. So I did cancel my contract with them effecting Aug.31. They are looking for new customers at the moment and that’s a bad sign for them. Especially because I told them that I would never recommend Telus to anyone! I have to pay more than $100 for the remaining months of the contract, I’m not using. I might go with a monthly plan of Fido after that. You have no stupid contract and can cancel it any time you want, actually after 3 months. Or may just get a normal residential phone line.
Those bastards in American Express screw me as well. It’s been few month that they charge me for kind of stupid accident insurance plan or something like while I called them several times and asked them to cancel it.
You have the same problem with your vehicle. When I used to have that brand new Toyota Echo, I had to pay a $300.52 as monthly payment, a $140 or less for insurance and of course gas, oil change and maintenance as well. Then I sold it and bought this old Chevy. Today I paid almost $65 for oil and air filter change and as there’s a leak, I took it to a dealer and the girl told me that it’s a little more than $100 an hour to get the car fixed! And you never know: If the technician says he has spent 3 hours on the car, you gotta pay more than $300 for that then!
So they empty your pocket either way: You have a brand new car or a damn old one, doesn’t matter.
(Photo: The old Chevy of mine. I really miss my Echo but at least I don't pay huge amount of money every month. I hate being in continuous debt. I'll have a post regarding insolvency soon. One point: I tried to upload this photo in other posts several times but there's something wrong with this damn Blogger and I simply couldn't. The photo is taken by me using P. M.'s digital camera an HP Photo smart 320. [I'm not saying it's a work of art! Don't get agitated!])

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