Saturday, August 12, 2006


I read a good point presented by a reader of Calgary Sun today when I was having something in McDonald’s. What he asks is if Islam is the religion of peace and goodness why hasn’t been a rally by Muslims so far condemning what has happened so far to the world in terms of terrorism, for example Madrid train blast or London Underground attack? And he’s true. Muslims keep saying that this is not real Islam. So If this is not what it's known as Islam, then what is that? I list what people have seen as sign of Islam in past few years:

- Massacre of school kids in town of Baslin in Russia by Chechen Muslim militants.
- Destroying Buddha giant statues in village of Bamian in Afghanistan by Taliban.
- Explosion of Pan American airplane over Scotland by Libyans.
- Beheading Westerners in Iraq by Sunni extremists of Al-Zarqwi and others.
- Recognizing Taliban by criminal, motherfucker, pieces of crap, filthy Arabs of UAE.

And many more. But I’d like to insist that I don’t believe in Sep.11 story. That has been all done by Americans. And that’s what makes me feel they might have done other similar things as well. My point is these are all come from ignorance. The people who defend Islam and call it religion of peace or the stupid morons who convert to Islam either have never read Koran or have read it and believe in all that shit in it. Because violence, war, terror, execution, stoning, extreme punishment, lashing and things like that is attributes of real Islam. How actually Islam was spread? How did Arabs get to Iran and India in the east and Africa in west? They invaded those territories and said: Join us or pay us!!! This is the real Islam. And the people who follow that religion these days are not out of the two groups I just mentioned. One last thing: Islam has another attribute which gathers people from the different backgrounds together and that’s again ignorance!
I'd like to mention what Momani, a Jordanian journalist mentioned after those mess by Muslims all around the world because of a few cartoons of Muhammad in a Danish newspaper. He says:
" Muslims of the world be reasonable, What brings more prejudice against Islam, these caricatures or pictures of a hostage-taker slashing the throat of his victim in front of the cameras or a suicide bomber who blows himself up during a wedding ceremony in Amman?" He got fired shortly after that!
(Photo: This funny cartoon is published in today's Calgary Sun, implies how moron a Muslim could be. The caricature points at the new rule in Western airport that doesn't allow any liquid onboard. There probably be demonstrations, stone-throwing and embassy-burning for this one as well in a few months!)

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