Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Free Haircut

Hair stylists make good money here. A regular haircut at least cost you $15 and if you need more services like dye and everything could go up to ... unlimited! I was looking for a place to have my hair cut and decided to go to Simple Scissors first. That's were I used to go. A few nice Filipino girls. But when I got there, I just saw a short Filipino guy with a big mustache and a tall Canadian guy with long blond hair at the table eating something. Obviously the first guy was just a hairstylist who rents a chair in that salon and the Canadian guy were a new fucker of the girls. Because I know that place very well. The owner is single and the girls who come over are usu. single young girl and mostly horny, looking for handsome guys.
Anyhow the girls were not around and I just got myself vanished immediately and drove off to a Great Clips at 8th. St., right in front of Safeway. I'm giving you the address 'cause there are nice girls around most of the time and give you a good haircut. I went there and they let me know that today is my free cut day! There was a tall Russian woman, prob. in her mid 30s and she cut my hair nicely. Just try to avoid a girl called Mitra if you're there. She chews your ear and bullshits you all time long you're sitting there, with that stupid ridiculous accent and poor English. She's a short woman in her late 40s, big eyes and extra make up. Just one more thing: You must have been there several times before you get to the time of your free haircut.

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