Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Very Tight One Amongst Many!

I'm neither a pervert, nor a guy having regular sexual relationship with different women. But I'm not totally in the dark. I went to a massage studio tonight which I rather not to mention the name and address as it would be free advertisement for them and that was a great experience. There was a young Oriental woman which I barely say how old she was ... You know how they look like: petite, sweet, silky long hair and ever bearing smile. And of course fair complexion which is of course different from Caucasian people. She, at the beginning acted very friendly, obviously to induce me. With a very bad English accent, she brought an album and showed me her photos, mentioning the places she was to. She insisted that she was a student at the time! Then she started massaging my back while sat on my hip off and on and continuously talking. That was not bad. Then she left for about 3 min. and when got back asked me what I want her to do for me! I asked her what she could do. She has already stated that she was born in Tokyo but the way she talked looked like she's from Vietnam or countries like that. I've lived enough in this part of the world and have seen and talked to enough people from different ethnicity that can easily say who's who! But didn't spoil her fun. Then she kind of used sign language and combined that with her special English(!) and made me understand that she does hand job! She was, at the time, rubbing my testicles and asked if that was OK with me! Of course that was OK and I started getting hard slowly. Then I flipped over and asked how much that would cost me while I was getting closer and started caressing her. She said that would be $60 and when I asked what if she takes her dress off, she said the total goes up to $120! I told her that I had to check my wallet while I knew how much I had and said that only $60 left had been left. She agreed but asked me never to mention to the Canadian woman, her instructor and boss, the madam(!) that she did that only for $60 and then began to undress. That was one of the most beautiful bodies that I had ever seen! I helped her to take off her pantie and she became totally naked! I asked if she puts it in her mouth and she said no. She also said that she doesn't do sex. But whenever a woman says that, it means she really wants to have sex. Then she laid back and spread her legs. She got a very pretty hairless body with bushy pubic hair but her genital area was shaved. she grabbed my cock and started stroking it while I was playing with the pussy of hers. Then I asked her to pee for me and she was like just was waiting to hear that! We went to the tub and she even turned a light off, stood and opened her legs. I opened her labia and she started moaning. I tried my middle finger in her pussy and that barely went through! she peed a little while I kept pushing my finger in and rubbing her clit. and that was awesome! I wish I had a rubber! Looked like she was enjoying as mush as I was and finally she made me kind of 2 times cum! That almost never happens! We cleaned a little and dried off and I left. When I was getting out I noticed another guy was waiting. That was probably the guy whom she left for when I was in the room. I, then, called Hodani which I was supposed to meet and went to his place. We talked for a while and drank beer and then had our dinner. He had made rice and beef stew and that was very tasty, especially after having that huge relief and pints of great beer it acted like a great fuel for my body. He made the stew out of beef, garlic, banana pepper, a few more herbs and stuff. I guess when I got home it was almost 01:00! I had a great time in that massage studio and Hodani's place.

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