Saturday, July 14, 2007

Appetite for Destruction

It's almost 12:20 AM now and I'm barely able to keep my eyes open. I'm so damn tired and should have been slept at least 2 hours ago. A. J. called me in the morning and asked me to rent a concrete saw and a hammer drill. He said that he wanted to cut a strip out of the wall to reveal the re bar which have been used. Then gave me one of his quotes(!): It's working day today! I didn't tell him that everyday has been a working day for me since I started working for his little stupid epic company! After all he's a nice guy if you consider every aspect. He's just a little slow!
Anyhow I rented the damn things and by the time I got the extension cord and all the other tools, he was there. He started cutting the wall from the top and damn! the saw was good. Just the way the rental guy said: Cuts the concrete wall like you're cutting butter! He didn't say it Cuts Like a Knife just the way Bryan Adams used to shout. He kept cutting and I used the hammer drill to basically demolish the wall, inch by inch! That was I guess harder than cutting. I know that when you're cutting, you not only inhale all of the concrete dust if you don't have a mask (and A. J. didn't as usual!) but also your hearing is getting damaged. But that hammer drill is something. My shoulder and chest was soar and I was breathless at the end. It feels like someone continuously kicks you in the trunk! And if I didn't were a safety glasses, I'd be blind and not able to write this story. My hair was full of dust too. But it was fun at the same time! I know it's not nice but I felt like I'm shooting a machine gun! Just like a M60 in Operation Flashpoint that I sometimes used to take and got always shot shortly after because didn't know how exactly to aim at the enemy! But here I was good and my appetite for destruction helped me and after almost 4.5 hours we cut and demolished enough of the wall that is ready to be presented to the inspector.
I'd better go to bed because my shoulder and chest is still hurt! Thanks to the numerous hours of workout, cycling, hiking and ... that I have done so far! I'll write about the nice little ride I had Thu. night.
(Photo: This is the part of the wall that got ripped off in order to make its horizontal and vertical re-bar steels visible)

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