Thursday, July 19, 2007

Favorite Weather

We have been having scattered showers since Mon. this week. It’s great if you’re not working outdoors. Has been great for me because it was so sunny and h0t in last 2 to 3 weeks. Just got a little cooler last week. I was going back to work from a short break or something yesterday and took the above photo from Squamish River. Looked so nice and looks nice here too. And also a little mysterious! Didn’t have much time to do anything else. May be this weekend. At least try to enjoy the beauty of the nature.
(Photo: Squamish River bank where it's called Eagle Run. If you have a good binocular you can watch eagles right there, of course not in a rainy day like that. I haven't tried it yet as don't have a big binocular. It's in my shopping list! Brackendale Eagles Provincial Park is located at the other side of the river but there is no bridge to cross! When I asked a girl in the Adventure Centre about the possible ways of crossing she said that the only way is hiring a boatman!)

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