Sunday, July 29, 2007

Furry Creek

I challenged Highway 99 today and went to Furry Creek. It’s only few kilometres away from Squamish. Took almost an hour to get there. Beautiful big houses are built there, at both sides of the road. Some looking at the Ocean and the other ones on a little higher land looking at the mountain and jungle from one side and the Ocean's rush from the other side. There’s a golf course just by the road and it was busy as I was passing by. The houses should be expensive as it’s only 1 hour to Downtown Vancouver. There’s no shop or any other services but people obviously get all their needs from Vancouver or if don’t want to drive that much, Squamish is only 20 min. drive. But X was saying something else when I was talking to him a few min. ago. He was saying that most of the people don't live in those houses. They use 'em as their second house. On the other hand the house that is only used on weekends or for vacations. He also mentioned that the houses are very expensive because of a high cost of development. One more interesting thing he added was that many of the people who live in these houses could be foreigners, mostly Americans. I noticed that I haven't seen anyone in one of the houses up the road and he said that they are people from Seattle which is only a few hours from here and they come and visit not very often.
Basically what’s happening to Canada and British Columbia is they are destroying the nature and building highways, houses, golf courses and other pieces of shit! When will it stop? My answer would be never. Furry Creek itself has biking trials as it’s said but I didn’t try any of them. I needed energy to go back! I didn’t see anything though. I will stop by and ask the little office in there in a weekday. The whole ride including looking around, photography and a little hand-set game(!) I played, took 03:15 hour. It's not something very interesting that I want to write about it.
(Photo: I always like to take photos of my travels and rides and all the events that I write here which shows the uniqueness of that. Here you see a kind of, I'd say fruit which is very much like grape but it's not it. I took it in Furry Creek where there's a gravel road goin' up and that's probably for construction or something like that. Definitely not a biking trial! But you might find it anywhere else. I even tasted that and is not too bad. I didn't take any photo from the houses or the golf course)

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