Sunday, July 15, 2007

Midnight Caught

It was almost after 01:00 AM last night when I decided to have a late night ride. The main purpose was to get rid of the garbage bags that I have in the van since Thu. and they stink really bad! I should have got a trash bin from the recycling company and I didn’t. So that’s how I get of the garbage but never did it late at night!
So I got in and drove to the job site at the other side of the town and dropped one bag on my way back at a PetroCanada gas station. When I stopped there for a min., the pump near me was beeping and looked like someone had got gas and had not paid because the massage on the screen was Please Pay Inside. There was something wrong, I guess, because the store was closed so I just drove away and decided to go to Rose Park for a walk which is close to home. I passed the green light at Industrial Way and noticed a car behind me. It was close. I was doing 50 which was the construction site posted speed and said: Just go! And was goin’ to use a gesture to make him understand that I let him go but that was late and we got into a single lane road. Then I suddenly noticed the car behind me: A police cruiser! I was just waiting for him or her to turn the lights on and was ready to pull over while at the same time had an eye on speedometer carefully. I got to Cleveland Ave. and turned my left signal on to go to the park and was expecting him to go straight or turn right but none of them happened! He was right on my ass. I parked in the Rose Park parking by the Inn on the Water, grabed my camera and climbed down. The cruiser stopped behind me, the driver got off and asked me to stay in the vehicle. I asked him if he was chasing me and he repeated his request. I got back to the car and the officer came and asked for my driver’s licence and the vehicle registration. I gave them to him. I thought someone must had reported on me when I was in the gas station. He asked me a few questions like whether or not I was coming from work, my name and last name, date of birth and if I had a drink or not. Those were just typical questions because he easily could say that I didn’t have even one single drink. He went back to his cruiser probably to check the information he found on me in the data base and then came back apologized and wished me a nice walk in the park!
It was too dark and I barely could see anything with the few lights in the park. So I walked toward the Adventure Centre to take a few photos. Actually it didn’t turn so bad. You see one of them here. That was my Sat. night fun! Could it be replaced by a nice dinner in a quiet cool restaurant with the one whom you love so much? Or a few drinks and dance in a club full of pretty, sexy girls? Or lying down side by side the girl who really loves you passionately? Or may be a relaxing massage by a hot girl? Which one do you prefer? All I want is everything! That’s a song by Def Leppard and I’ll write about that soon.
(Photo: A side view of Squamish Adventure Centre at the right side of Highway 99 just meters after Cleveland Ave. The original size is much brighter and more beautiful. This one is not so bad though! Stop by for everything you need in the town)


Anonymous said...

Def Leppard

The Tough Guy said...

Corrected! And also other mistakes! So you're a big music listener. You have keen eyes on the bands and singers. So let's talk. You must have heard Cold Play's talk! He's right. Let's talk.
And by the way thanks very much again.