Sunday, July 22, 2007

Squamish Valley Road

I decided to go for a ride although I was very tired as a lack of enough sleep. I have already said that there’s no bridge to cross Squamish River and when I asked the Adventure Centre guys, I was told that a boatman should be hired for that purpose. I had a look at a map and saw a B. C. Hydro cable car in the mentioned road and decided to go and see if it’s still working.
There were scattered showers when I was closing and I got to the road. The road was a little busy as it leads to a campground in 14 KM as a sign says. Besides that it was Sun. afternoon (I started at about 02:40 PM) and people usually get out for a motorcycle, truck or bicycle ride. I stopped by the road after an hour of ride, at about 03:40 and looked at the map. There was a kind of gravel or better to say muddy road and I decided to take that. It was still raining and there were big holes of muddy water in the way. I once saw a four-wheel driver coming toward me and pulled over and waited until the bastard passed! Got muddy and wet on my legs and feet and finally reached were there was no way to go. The road was covered with water because of the too much rain we have been receiving since Mon.
There was a broken old car and looked like an abandoned tepee with a picnic bench beside it. Nobody was around. I think that tepee would be used by the native people when it’s practicable and that destroyed car was their work. I took a few photos and turned back. I guess I saw big pelicans on my way back to the road. I guess that’s what I saw. They flew away when I was approaching, glided and left. I didn’t have a damn chance to take a photo. I also I guess I saw a baby bear when I was goin’. I’m not sure if that’s what I saw. It was pure black and small but baby bear are usually by the side of their mother. I don’t know. I should have stopped to explore but was a little scared of it attacking me! I have no photo of that either.
Then as soon as I hit the road there was another cyclist right in front of me with a race bike. I tried to keep my pace and not fall behind and I really worked hard for that. I never was more than 5 meters away but at the end when we were closing to the three-way he had a good run. That was a good exercise and a real challenge as well and made me really exhausted. I got home at about 05:20.
(Photo: The tepee and picnic bench are seen in the back. Looks like the fallen tree is used as a fence. It is not possible to get to the tepee unless you go through the water and you don't know how bad and sticky the mud is. You might get trapped. The scene reminded me of the movie Southern Comfort)

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