Saturday, July 21, 2007


The mental stress is sometimes so hard on people that pushes them to commit suicide. That’s a simple fact which everyone is aware of. I have no access to the statistics in that regard in Canada and it’s so hard to understand the condition of the people who take their own life. I’ve never had a serious issue that drives me to suicide before my immigration but here in this civilized, developed country which people just hate you because of the colour of your hair and size of your nose, I, at times, thought of the people who do that to themselves. And the only reason you think of them is because you want to know why they do that and whether or not you’re in their shoes. I thought of that a few times but never got close because I think of my family who depends on me and is goin’ to join me soon, hopefully before we finish ’07.
Anyhow I brought this preface, if it can be called, up to say what happened last night. I was goin’ to meet with S. G. and actually had invited her to a supper but when I got home, showered and changed, she told me that wasn’t feeling well and cancelled it. So I went to the rental movie place in the town, for the first time, and surprisingly the Caucasian people in there were nice and didn’t show any hatred and honestly I’ve met so many people like that here in Canada, I must confess. I rented The Last King of Scotland and bought a used copy of Fahrenheit 9/11. The rental one is expensive for a week compare to the big franchises like Rogers and Blockbuster but the movie, I only paid $3 something for that. I watched The King and Forest Whitaker is amazing. I only had watched one movie of him before and that’s Panic Room. He plays a thieve and he’s amazing in there as well but in The King he’s brilliant and that’s why he won the Oscar last year. The story is not so attractive that keeps you sat but I did. I went out to get the mail out of the van after the movie and saw Ed, the nice gentleman who lives across the street, was coming toward me. RCMP cruisers were parked in front of his house when I got back home yesterday. He waived at me and I said hi and asked what had happened. I was shocked when he started talking about the incident. His long time partner of 18 years, Val had committed suicide! She was such a nice lady but Ed and previously A. J. had told me that she had been fighting with a type of cancer for 8 years and got a little better just recently. Ed was obviously devastated. I could smell the alcohol while he was talking to me and he was upset and excited, cursing at the physicians, blaming them, saying he would take them all to a court and sue them because of trial and error kind of method they used as treatment.
So that was my Fri. night!

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