Thursday, July 05, 2007

Flashback (12): Z. B.

The first class I attended in SAIT was statistic and the first person who started talking to me which led to a not so firm friendship was Z. B., a petite East Indian girl from Guyana. Z. B. was not pretty and attractive but was very nice and friendly. Born in that little South American country, she was fluent in English as that's her mother tounge and had a good secure job. She told me, though, that she had been addapted. We used to talk or do the homework assignments together and she used to call me.
I never asked her out because for whatever reason I was not in that mood at the time. Also I knew she had a bf and once invited me to have dinner with them. We then had an argument shortly before the final exam and I didn’t go to that dinner thing. I guess she was not happy with her bf and was testing me but I proved that I’m an idiot! She kept calling me though until the time that I got involved with the other girls and lost them all, as well.
She, I think, broke up with that guy and we were not in touch for a long time. That was until the time that I didn’t have any girl (Like right now!) and was trying to get one, didn’t matter who! Anyone! So I called her and asked her to join me in Talisman and that was the time I found out that she was committed to someone. That was a guy from out of the city and she used to go there to see him or he used to come to Calgary for sleep over. They were serious and one day she wrote me or told me that they would soon have their wedding somewhere in the Caribbean, where she's from and may be also him!
I, only tried her e-mail address one more time and the mail bounced. I guess it meant that she quit her job and they cancelled her account. We had two more courses in the second semester and stayed friends, I forgot to mention. I hope she lives happily forever with the guy she was goin’ to marry. She deserves it.

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