Monday, July 09, 2007

Brain or Boobs?

I met a girl whom was added to my Skype list a few weeks ago, yesterday. S. G., I’d call her ever since. She is a very nice, smart and understanding girl from an Egyptian mother and Libyan father who has been living in Canada since she was 14. I first added her through search and thought she was either Persian or Caucasian. She didn’t respond for a long time but surprisingly we had a long chat last Sat. evening. I met her in West Vancouver, a nice girl with curly hair, small lovely lips and beautiful ear lobes and attractive lovely eyes behind glasses!
It happened so fast and easy, may be because I said that I was looking for a friend. She knows a lot awful about Persian culture because she has some friends. That's why I several times doubted that she was Persian! We went to White Spot for a supper and she talked and talked and talked, mostly about the current situation in the world! I thought she just wanted someone to pay for her food and spend money for her but she paid her share and didn't let me. She wanted someone to listen to her, I guess. Then we went for a walk at the beach and we talked or better to say she talked most of the time and I listened! She's a very nice girl but a little religious. She said that she was goin' to San Jose for a religious conference or something like that to listen to a lecture. The way she dressed was nice but covered from toe to head, not with a head scarf of course. I'd never go out with her in that case. She offered help to find a better job. I never thought that I, one day, have an Arab as a friend but she's an intellectual girl with brain. She doesn't bullshit you with cloths or furniture or this and that and she has a job in network administration.
Anyhow it seemed that she doesn't wanna go home and it was almost 10:00 PM and we were still on the pier, looking to the ocean, taking photos and I was listening to her. I was a little worried because I received a call from A. J. at about 04:30 when I was on my way to West Vancouver, somewhere close to Horseshoe Bay. We finally said goodbye and me with the hope that I meet her again and I think I will. I had three missed calls, I noticed then, probably from A. J. and I drove like crazy back to Squamish! I'm lucky that I'm alive now! I could have killed myself but the damn van is good!
So I got home around 11:15 and found it too late to give A. J. a call. Then I noticed that he was there! Gosh! I saw empty coffee paper cups of Tim Horton's! I called him at about 07:00 in the morning and left a message as he didn't pick up. He called me back soon and I was getting ready to make up a story but he was not mad at all. I told him that I was to a hike around the town and he said that I did a good thing! He said that he was there with his former partner, the Punjabi guy because a guy who used to work for them, had died of cancer just one week after he was diagnosed! That was sad because I met that guy once. I gave him a call and asked him if I can borrow the lawn mower which belongs to the Punjabi guy, D. M. And he brought it to my door. Nice guy and he's gone now! What a fragile life!
So I think that I have a good friend now. She also could be considered for marriage. I have to talk to her more and more and know her better. But she’s still to her Arabic cultural restrictions. She said that her sister wears head scarf. And she’s someone who flies all the way to San Jose to attend a religious, probably Islamic conference! May be that’s one of the reasons she’s still single. She’s got the brain and a little beauty but that wouldn’t be the issue, the cultural discrepancies would for sure be, which I think there are many.

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