Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Live Earth

Al Gore the former Vice President of the US organized a 24-hour live music concert in 5 continents to raise the awareness about global warming last Sat. which was 07.07.07. The day was considered a lucky day by Westerners, the civilized people who claim that they are the wisest and smartest people in the world!
Someone should ask these animals what is special about this day which makes you fill lucky assholes?! It’s just a series of the numbers that come one after another and means nothing but a date!
Anyhow I watched part of the concert in Wembley Stadium in London, England and a few other minutes in Giant Stadium in N. J. That was very entertaining. Red Hot Chilly Peppers, Madonna and Alisha Keys were amongst the artists that I watched and liked. Also Roger Waters performed his The Wall with some Black kids and other artists as well. I could sit in front of the TV and enjoy all the show all day long but that was too boring for me.

Metallica was among Rock bands that performed as well. What happened to the lead vocalist, James Hetfield is extremely funny! You know Rock stars usually dress up or do their hair. Hetfield grows a long chin beard which makes him look like Taliban, although he got green or blue eyes! So what happened is when he got to Heathrow International Airport, the airport authorities stopped them and started interrogation! Nobody recognized or knew the famous Rock star and probably took a long time to him to prove to them who he really is and what he is there for! Luckily he didn’t miss his performance.

Eventually whatever happened made a few thousand people who attended the live concerts, happy but how much that affects people’s view and understanding toward global warming is unknown. According to what the superstar and one of the performers, Madonna, says probably not much. People go to enjoy the live music performance in a concert regardless of the fact that what the ultimate purpose of the concert is. Just like what Cyrus, my friend who resides in Cologne, Germany said today when I was talking to him on the net. He said that there was a Guy Pride Parade in that city a few days ago and he didn’t go. But when he was there three days ago, he saw families and kids watching the Parade which might not set a good example for them. Nevertheless if they are goin’ to be homosexuals, they will be eventually as that’s they nature and I don’t think that’s preventive or corrective. But he was saying that the Parade is not suitable for younger viewers because they kiss each other and do all that stuff that adults do. But they are there for just the music. The example might sound a little different from Live Earth concert but the bottom line is these type of action doesn’t help much while we only have 10 years to do something serious to stop the catastrophic impacts of global warming.
(Photo: James Hetfield yelling a song in Live Earth concert in London)


Anonymous said...

James Hetfield

The Tough Guy said...

Thanks for noticing. I corrected that.

Anonymous said...

You are so welcome, but it's still wrong. james h"E"tfield

The Tough Guy said...
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The Tough Guy said...

Have you read that book of George Orwell, Homage to Catalonia? That’s one piece of art. He says in it that sleepless make people stupid and mindless! I didn’t believe it until that happened to me! Thanks again.