Monday, July 02, 2007

Garibaldi Provincial Park

I had a plan to go to Garibaldi Provincial Park today and to accomplish that I geared up and started at about a quarter to 11:00. I took the same road, Powerhouse Road, that I did last week and went all the way up to where the rental cabins are. I got tired but not so bad. The owner who gave me some water told me that it was only 6 km to the parking, where’s actually as far as the drives go. He, too, mentioned the difficulty of the route because of its slope.
I found myself not able to finish the damn road after the first 3 Km and had to walk it! Also the damn camera was out of the battery. So when I got to the parking lot, decided to go back. The return was not easy too! I had to hold the break every single second and my wrists and palms were sore! The rear break got ripped off on the way back and fortunately I was close to home. I have to take it to a bike shop and have it fixed. I pull it all the way back and there’s just a little resistance.
So that was the trip. I was so tired when I got home. A. J. and the family, his sister and his tenant all came over for an afternoon tea. We sat for few minutes and chatted. Had a good time. My next time to the park would be fully equipped and I go inside and discover.
(Photo: This sign is seen at the beginning of the Garibaldi Park road, right after the University but I didn't feel a wind, not even a breathe!)

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