Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sat. Night Fever

I went to see S. G. in a cafe called True Confection in Downtown Vancouver and got so pissed off. There were not a single fucking place to park and I knew it. I asked her to meet me in North Vancouver but she insisted on Downtown because it’s closer to her place.
I finally parked in a Permission Required parking and got in. It’s a small cafe with the table so fucking close. S. G. was sitting at a table and didn’t seem happy especially when I told where I had parked! Said that we had to leave because tow trucks are everywhere. It took at least hour and 25 min. to us to finally get to a fucking kind of restaurant. Gosh! That was horrible! Load, noisy just by the street were vehicles were passing by and the damn pouring rain! I barely could hear so I went and ask the guys to turn the fucking radio down! We had something and talked until about 11 something and had to leave. I wanted to talk more but I was told that the bedtime had already passed!!
She’s such a smart girl and I’ve never seen someone like her. I only have to give her a hint and she follows all the way to the end. Her body is not bad, I mean I should consider the physique too but she doesn’t were something that shows a lot. But she probably as tall as me, round thighs and good upstairs, I guess. The good thing is she said that I could see her again but may be not so soon because she’ll spend her time with her family for the next few weeks.
But my drive back to Squamish was a horrible memory! There were only 3 or 4 cars in the entire road and visibility was so limited. That was not only because of the darkness but also as a presence of fog. I sighed when I got home shortly after 01:00 AM! Called her and woke her up because she wanted me to do that. I think I should consider her for marriage. I know that it’s not really easy to find someone like her. Not possible at all. The only question is would our cultural differences make any problem? I’ve told her everything so far about what has happened to me but didn’t have enough time last time. I think I should have asked Mom, who called me a min. ago. Wanted to know what she thinks. Because there’s also F. F. Whose I’m supposed to meet with. But maybe it’s a little early to talk about S. G. to Mom. I think I should ask her first and make sure that she wants to go out with me as a date not a friend any more. Two very important inherent quality of her which attracts me is her intelligent and decency.

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