Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Plain Truth

This is what I wrote to F. J., the girl I used to talk to for a little more than 2 years and just stopped that a few months ago because first of all I was sick and tired of the way she was talking and then I was not in a good situation (Like I'm not now but worse!). She e-mailed me the night before, inviting me to a kind of dating web site like all the other stupid ones and I put a finish on everything:
Dear F. J.
First of all I’m sorry for what happened between us a few months ago. I apologize for that. I’m not just a guy who’s able to get married easily. This is me. I’ve met many girls in last 6-7 years and no relationship lasted more than a couple of weeks! May be a little longer! I’m surprised how we talked for more than 2 years! That’s probably because you kept it going. Just like now!
So I’m not really interested in any kind of dating site or chat or messenger anymore because I realized there's something wrong in me that keeps me away from girls. I don't know what it is but I know it exists and I think it's too late to find a remedy for that. I think I live like this forever. The only reason that I might get married one day is my Mom because all mothers want to see their married child one day. I think I can sacrifice for her and pretend that I’m happy because a marriage without love is worse than one night stand and unfortunately that's what most of the marriages all about these day. Don't make it about yourself though.
Finally I wish you a happy life beside a nice, handsome, wealthy, young, smart, lovely man and hope you achieve that soon. You deserve it.

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