Thursday, July 12, 2007

Capitalism Finally Digs himself in (1) - Chinese Products

There’s a flood of fucking Chinese products to North America every day and every fucking thing that you buy is made by this pieces of crap, motherfucker animals! (I have no fucking idea why that makes me so agitated!) I remember when I came to Canada first; I went to a Sportscheck and asked for a bike. The guy showed me a few models, all made in fucking China! I complained and said: How could a (motherfucker) Chinese manufactures a quality product? The guy didn’t like it and I left with a bad feeling. Dr. Rad, the gentleman whom I met in KEC and stayed in touch before my immigration, also stated in one of his e-mails the high volume of Chinese products in Canadian market.
The fact is capitalism is very dependent on cheap labour. That’s exactly why you see loads of Afghans, Africans, Vietnamese, Punjabi and Latino guys in Canada and a little different in the US. (Labour work in the US is mostly supplied by Mexico and the rest from the other poor Latin American countries). For the products that the plant or factory is not located in the North American continent (Mostly have been relocated to South, South East and East Asia) that the cheap foreign labour who, for example makes a pair of jeans affordable for many American or Canadian teenagers.
This cheap labour market has been recently the source of problem for lovely North Americans! Tons of Chinese products have been recalled recently. Items from kids’ toys made with lead based paint to poisonous toothpaste which causes kidney failure. So you idiots pay less money to get cheap products from China, and that saves lots of money. How? That fucking kills you, so you save thousands of dollars of years of living! Now the stupid Americans and also the Canadians are facing a big problem.

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