Monday, July 09, 2007

Sunday Morning Ride

I had a plan to go to Garibaldi Provincial Park again yesterday all the way in to the park where actually I can see the mountains and pick so be able to take photos. So I started at about 09:20 while I was tired because I went to bed late the night before that. Sometime around 01:00 AM and was not able to sleep for an hour, I guess. The reason is a girl who’ll be written about in the next post.
So I went and luckily it was not sunny and not so hot. I took the same trial, crossed Ring Creek Footbridge, passed the University and got to Garibaldi Park Road. Then at about 10:10 I felt so exhausted that I had to mount down and rest for about 10 min. I followed the road and had another break for a little longer where the route turns left and you see the park’s sign. There was only one cyclist on the way and he was the one who started in the road. A fake cyclist, I’d like to call him!
It was not so bad for the rest of the road and I felt better but started to get hot and I was sweating like a pig! I had frequent stops for photos and once I saw small snakes, something that I didn’t expect in this area. Unfortunately I lost the opportunity and couldn’t take a photo. I had another break in the parking lot and then I entered the park. The trial is a narrow one, no motorized vehicle is allowed and only cyclists and hikers take that. It’s much easier for hikers obviously and I was tired. So just after only a few hundred meters I turned back.
I was riding down very carefully and had my both hands on the breaks and saw a girl passed me so fast that I couldn’t believe that! I think I’m coward! I don’t risk as much as I used to do. I, then, soon reached her but didn’t catch up with her. She took Mamquam Road and I went back through Powerhouse Road.
It was a good ride eventually but if I want to go to West Vancouver or Whistler or I want to do next year’s Test of Metal, I have to lose weight, first and then have more and more practice.
(photo: Just a few min. before you get to the parking lot, there's the spot that you can see part of the town, Howe Sound and mountains. I took this picture in there and I know it's not good but that's all the damn digital camera gets. After that it will be all trees until you get to a higher elevation which was my goal and I didn't reach it!)

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