Saturday, June 17, 2006

Almost a Complete Game!

Game six of 2006 NHL Finals in Edmonton is probably the only game that I spent the longest min. on it! Except a few min. of the first period that I was in the shower (and luckily the period was scoreless!) I watched the whole game.
The first thing I noticed was the Prime Minister in the crowed when Canadian national anthem was being sang by everyone in Rexall Place, including him. He had his glasses and suits on! It's OK to have a pair of glasses but why would you wear a suit in a game? Just to say you're Stephen Harper?
Anyhow Edmonton had a good start and the first intermission finished, as I said, scoreless. Markannen suddenly jumped out of the net in the period to get the puck and that was going to cost the Oilers but didn't. The first period was finished with a 10-3 shootout for Edmonton.
Piasani who made the Hurricanes to travel all the way to Edmonton for the sixth game, scored in a powerplay in the second period and that was the opening for the Oilers. That was just a mild backhand but was deflected by number 2 of the Hurricanes and went in.
They scored one more time in that period to have a 2-0 lead at the end of 40 min. Markannen did the same mistake that Ty Conklin did in the first game after Roloson was injured. He came out of the net and passed to a teammate while a Hurricane was about to get the puck and scored. But he was lucky for the second time and got away from that.
Edmonton had a 3 on 1 great chance in the third period and they scored, I believe, but the judges didn't count it. Ward, as I saw, took the puck out of the net with his glove, while it has already passed the score line. That was called a miraculous save by the commentator later. Then Smyth went all the way to the Carolina net in a powerplay, right from the middle of the rink and scored and made it 3-0. At 11:14 left to the game it was 28-8 shots for Edmonton. The Hurricanes had a few powerplays but didn't score as a good penalty killing by Edmonton. On the other side Markannen had an easy day, almost. The last score of the Oilers was on powerplay again and they blanked the Hurricanes 4-0. The last game will be played on Mon. in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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