Sunday, June 25, 2006


I spent a whole lot of time at Ali G.'s place in Okotoks today. A buddy of him, David, a Czech guy joined us shortly after my arrival. Looked like the guy and Ali G. know each other through flamenco guitar practices. He was a quiet and nice guy, although looked a little tough to me at the beginning. That's may be because he shaves his head and wears a small beard and looks like skinheads, pretty much. He's a lifeguard, Ali G. said. I thought he was there to help us to paint the walls, as that was the main reason of my travel to Okotoks but the guy just was watching an instruction clip on Ali G.'s desktop and practising the guitar.
I did most of the painting and although that was my first time but did well. I used a roller and painted part of the kitchen and living room. Ali G. bought that house a few months ago but told me that he would sell it and goes to Calgary as he's already bought a house in there! I was surprised 'cause that was not I expected. He said that he was investing and recommend me doing so.
Anyhow we had our lunch in the yard and after painting to big walls of living room, we went to a golf course. The funny thing is in a town like Okotoks in Alberta you can not wear blue jeans in there. So I borrowed a brand new short pants from he and we spent almost 1 hour there. It was fun for him because he practices that but that was my first time and although he showed me how to hold the club and swing it, I didn't do much and just watched. David was not totally in the dark but he was doing good either. After having a Mcflurry we headed home. I checked his truck, the one I'm going to borrow, an old Ford F-150 and went back to Calgary.
(Photo: I'm using P. M.'s HP Photosmart 320 everywhere to see what I can get and compare it with my own Yashica SLR. I took this on my way to Okotoks while I was behind the wheel! You can see the cracked windshield. It reminds me of the days I used to do lots of cycling all around Tehran, sometimes for more than 6 hours!)

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