Monday, June 12, 2006

Micro Fail

I was so confident and determined in the morning and was dreaming about what I'm gonna do after get the job in the small plant as a quality inspector! That was specially because I studied enough about calipers last night. I even went to Keiv's and got confirmation from him about the way I use imperial calipers. Then when I got to Mid Western, Stephen referred me to a motherfucker Indian guy with a golden earring and he introduced me to a Canadian guy, Kyle and asked him to show me a few parts and test me with a micrometer. I had not practiced that tool and what I told him that I was familiar with the tool but had not used it practically. Kyle show me the micrometer and explained its divisions and subdivisions. Then he made a measurement and asked me to tell him what it is. I calculated fast on the paper and showed him. He did it on his own way and confirmed it. Thou is what they use for thousands of inch! I luckily understood that but then the stinky Indian with his stupid ridiculous accent showed up and asked me to show him for example 2.543" on the micrometer and me, the stupid, said that I needed more practice and that was the end. The motherfucker refereed me to Stephen and after a short conversation we shook hands and I left! I should have studied micrometers last night but I didn't think that might be a question because Stephen just talked about imperial vernier calipers. Besides if they need an inspector and a safety officer, they don't just reject him because he has never used a micrometer!
I'm sure non of those morons in that small workshop has ever been to school. They are all experienced guys and it was hard for them, specially for the Indian one, to see someone educated and organized take over their inspection department. All they do over there is stupid things but I thought that might be a good start for me to just get familiar with Canadian manufacturing environment and learn a few things and then leave there. Those idiots do all their inspections after all the processes is done! For example there were a part whit all holes, welds and cuts and they wanted to measure different dimensions of it! They use blueprints as a reference for their measurements and when I asked if they have an inspection plan, they both looked at me with wide open eyes and mouths! They don't even know what it is! Anyway that's all happened and I have to focus on the next opportunity and my studies.

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