Sunday, June 04, 2006

Home-Made Terrorism

17 People have been arrested in Toronto as suspects of terrorism. 5 out of the seventy are youths and were born in Canada or have been living here since their early childhood. As well as some others. All of them are Muslims. In reaction to that the glasses of a mosque in that city was smashed last night and worshipers in an Islamic centre in Calgary were harassed and sworn at.
It's said that the accused have been monitored since 2004. Toronto Police, OPP, RCMP, CISC and other official forces raided the homes and arrested the people.
CBC had reports and interviews in that regards tonight and their question (I'd say stupid question) is: What makes someone to turn his back to his country and plan to harm people of his own?
The answer to this question is so easy and there's no need to be discussed with experts and analysts! I tell you how it happens:
Canadians are stupid and there's no doubt about that. They let every fucking stupid ignorant in and many Muslims are included: Arabs, Pakistanis, Africans and others. The said people are mostly uneducated and have no talent or expertise. So what happens is they end up doing the jobs, mostly which just make them able to be alive. They see Canadians' life and envy: Beautiful girls, nice houses, luxury cars and many many more. Then they blame this on Canadians and form their own cells and gathering places like mosques. They don't go to the mosque to worship or learn, as they say, peace. They go there to learn how to make bombs, detonate themselves and kill people. This is what they have been taught through Quran, their leaders and parents. So what do you expect? You wait and do nothing and see what will happen in near future. You'll pay for your mistake and the price is high.
(Photo: Toronto Police Chief speaks to the public in a Toronto Islamic centre, indicating that Islam is faith of peace and the arrested people are directed by politics not the religion!!! [Bullcrap])

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