Monday, June 19, 2006

Discover Calgary

I borrowed P. M.'s digital camera today (Sun.!) and tried to get familiar with it's features and functions. It's an HP Photosmart 320. I don't know much about digital cameras and after Resurrect's, this is the second one I'm using.
So I went where I always wanted to be: Spiller Road where Calgary cemeteries are located! You can have a nice view of Downtown, Stampede Park,Pengrowth Saddledome, etc from there. I started walking in the tombs and how beautiful, quite and peaceful it was. After taking a few photos I noticed a building like a house at the other side of the fence. I asked me: Who lives here besides a cemetery, although it's very beautiful and quite!? Then I got closer and noticed that there's a path with a board indicating Reader Rock Gardens. That was a restaurant in a magnificent, beautiful garden full of different flowers and planets! There were a few people inside but I didn't go. I took a few photos and planned to be back with my own camera later. Then when I was back to the cemetery I noticed two coyotes roaming around. At first one of them was chasing a hare but couldn't manage to catch it. Then there were birds like crow with long tail (I don't know what it's called but it's a bird you see everywhere here) who were screeching and chasing the coyote! Wherever it went, they chased it! I took two photos of them and that was when I noticed that digital zoom is a useless feature in digital cameras. You get the subject bigger but the quality is very poor. I went to Talisman for my exercises right after that while promised me to go there again during Stampede days and take more photos with my own camera.
(Photo: This fantastic building and the beautiful garden of it, full of different beautiful flowers is located right beside the cemetery, is a convenient place for dinning. I'll give it a try later)

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