Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Stressed-Out Guy

I didn't watch much of the third game of the Oilers-the Hurricanes in Edmonton, firstly because me and Laszlo went to The French Maid for a beer, as he wanted, and secondly because I usually don't watch a whole game!
But let me get to The Maid, first. We only watched 3 shows. The first girl was performing when we got in and God! I couldn't believe my eyes! What a boob! Those ones were too big and so prominent. I guess they were fake 'cause no one has such a boob especially in that age. (I had a look at her face later and she was in her late 30s). The problem is I didn't get hard! Obviously it was after 8 hours work and I didn't have more than 5 hour sleep last night. And no lunch but a cup of coffee and a pastry. Besides I'm mostly aroused emotionally not physically. Then there were two girls performing together and one of them, the older one, had a perfect body, in my view: Big natural boobs with hard nipples, a little belly with a tattoo on the bellybutton and nice hair. The other one was just OK. The last girl was just very tall with sexy legs and she danced very well with a Country song. We left shortly after that.
Then the game was not bad. Don Cherry talked a lot about the way Jussi Markkanen, Roloson's replacement, played. He said: " The kid (that's how he usually names the players!) was on so much pressure because of the last game in Raleigh, and played well. His career was in jeopardy and he had too prove himself. " After all it's said that Roloson might return to the games. I saw a few nice saves of Jussi tonight and the Oilers won the game 2-1 finally which is not a good score.
Note: I was looking for an official website of Don Cherry and noticed that he owns a chain restaurant with different branches mostly in Atlantic Canada and Ontario. There's only one restaurant in Edmonton. This is the Internet address in case anyone likes to give it a try: . I may when I'm in one of the locations.
(Photo: Markkanen, the Finnish goaltender of Edmonton had a few fantastic saves tonight)

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