Sunday, June 25, 2006

Jehovah Witness

There're different sects of Christianity. One of them that I got familiar with when I had an ESL Advanced course in U of C, is Jehovah Witness. I remember on that time all of the students had to have a presentation and somebody picked that subject. I don't really remember what she (I guess that was one of the girls) was talking about but the story was about a follower who died because s/he needed blood transfusion and as it's not allowed in that faith, s/he refused and fucking died!
I also remember this is how I reacted to the presentation as students were free to ask questions or comment. Religion is supposed to be something helpful in your life, show you the right path and prevents you from evil doing, I said. Not something that make you act like a freaky jerk. And that's what all religions are. Christianity, Islam and Judaism, they are all craps. Ruddy, the smoker guy whom I sometimes talk to, said something nice a day, last week: Religion ruin the world. Even Gholam, the Afghan guy who was a shepherd in that poor country and then used to fight against stupid Mojahedin (obviously supported by Americans!) and served as a radioman, once said: Saudi Arabia has established a good, infinite business for itself: Hajj! People sell their belongings to go and circle the cubic stony house in terrible heat of Arabian desert, just to be called someone who attended Hajj! An uneducated shepherd from Afghanistan is wiser than a scholar in Iran or North America! I tell Gholam's story later.
All I'm saying is religion in any shape and face is just stupid. I heard that the father of the person (may be the same girl. Don't remember exactly) who died of not having blood transfusion, is suing a few people over his daughter's death! Who's guilty here? You, the stupid moron who refused the treatment or ...?

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