Monday, June 05, 2006

The Mistakes that Cost Them the Game

As I usually cannot watch my favorite team playing(!), I only watched the last period of the first game of '06 Stanley Cup tonight. When I started gluing my eyes to the TV it was 3-1 Edmonton but as the time passed Carolina got ahead 4-3! and that was the moment that I was about to leave. Then a nice score and 4-4 tied but shortly after that Roloson got injured and out of the game. The replacement was disappointing. Ty Conklin made a bad mistake in less than 20 seconds in regular time and Edmonton lost the game 5-4!
The Oilers head coach later announced that the goalie is out of the playoffs! Edmonton played well though. In the last seconds of the game they had 3 chances to score. Now with Roloson out and one game lost it seems not easy to the Oilers to compete.

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