Friday, June 09, 2006


Last week Stephen, the plant manager of the small manufacturing company which I had interview with, e-mailed me and asked for reference and salary I request. I introduced Keiv and Soroosh and indicated the salary range I was looking for. In order to specify what the range of salary was for that position, I did a little search on the net. Today (Thu.) I received another e-mail from him after a week indicating that he agreed on the salary I had requested and also the benefits. But he would like to see my experience in measurement!
That's what I'm afraid of. As I wrote in the related post, they measure based on Imperial Measuring System and to 1/1000 of inch accuracy. Luckily I was taught that in SAIT and have references but I'm not confident. So while there's a hope for being hired, there's also a little fear. If I mess up the samples he gives me, I'll be kicked out. I exercised a little tonight but that's not enough. Eventually I was asking me if I can call myself a Quality Engineer while can't even do a simple measurement in inch using a caliper?!

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