Friday, June 09, 2006

Europe's Prescription For Terrorism

A CBC reporter has travelled to different European cities to observe how they deal with extremism in there. Holland and Britain were among the countries he reported from. He faced recently-grown anti-Muslim activities. He spoke to a few people including a British man who is fighting against fucking Pakis and a member of Holland Parliament who has recently added a test for the ones who would like to migrate to that country. She has been receiving death threat ever since. What the report indicated is Islamic extremism is growing in Europe and so does racism. I'm sure it's not only Holland and Britain. Same story is true in Germany, Denmark, Sweden and other European countries as well. But they are all late in reaction. The difference between Europe and Canada is European countries are not in need of foreigners like Canada does. So Canadians try to show a friendly face to immigrants but the truth is they hate them all. And as they stupid and let them in to just use them, they basically cause problems for themselves. For example the recent arrest of 17 people in Toronto causes a trouble problem for Canada. Suppose the people are found guilty and sent to few years in jail. What are you gonna do with them after that?! They won't be accepted anywhere. They can't get a job or go to school. So they become more dangerous threats for Canadian society. And that will grow more hatred in extremist here. It's like a cycle: More extremists leads to more violence and more violence leads to more arrests and charges. More arrests and charges leads to more desperate people who are hungry for revenge and ...
This process never ends. Only European prescription works here.
(Photo: Al-Zarqawi an extremist who is said was behind all terrorist activities in Iraq. This photo is taken from a clip he released a few weeks ago. It's said that Americans spotted him through the video which made them able to kill him and a few aids yesterday in a city near Baghdad! That sounds like a joke to me)

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