Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Flashback (10): The Airports

Something interesting came to my mind a few days ago and decided to post it today here. That's about the airports I was in before I landed in Calgary International Airport. Here's what happened:
At first in Mehr-Aabad International Airport, in Tehran when I was checking in, I noticed that my luggage is too heavy and have to pay the fee or get rid of some. I did both! But when I was moving a few things around, I tore my pants! Imagine that I boarded a Lufthansa jet and got all the way to Calgary with that pants on!
Then in Frankfurt Airport where I had to wait for my flight to Calgary, for few hours, I encountered two German policemen. I was sitting, doing nothing and two or three bags of mine were with me. Suddenly two tall policemen appeared in front of me. That was almost 3 months after Sep.11 attacks in the US. One of them had a machine gun and the other one started asking questions about my destination and my documents. I showed them my immigration papers and they left. But they didn't check the bags. I noticed that everyone was watching. I prob. was the only non-European all around. That was very humiliating. I got blushed.

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